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jatropha quality related to use in diesel engines and refining methods Jan de Jongh and others 2007 Technical note 26/06/2012 netherlands
Faso Bio-the case of mali Biocarburant SA Hugo Verkuijl  2011 Presentation 13/05/2012 Butkino faso
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A Study on biogas generation from non edible oil seed cakes Ram Chandra and others 2006   09/04/2012 India
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Extraction of Biodiesel from a Second generation Energy Ctrop jatropha curcas by Transesterification process Kamrun Nahar and S.A.Sunny 2011   15/01/2012 Bangladesh
Determination of physical, mechanical and chemicalproperties of seeds and kernels of Jatropha curcas L. Shkelqim Karaj and others 2009   10/01/2012 India
jatropha brochure Tatedo Tanzania Tatedo 2010 General Brochure about Jatropha  09/01/2012 Tanzania
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R&D report on Tree Borne Oilseeds Ministry of Agriculture, India 2010   04/12/2011 India
Quality of Biodiesel prepared from Phorbol Ester extracted Jatropha curcas oil Rakshit Kodekaira Devappa and others 2010 AOCS 2010 04/12/2011 India
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Characterisation of a biodiesel from alkali transesterification of jatropha curcas oil S.Traoé Conalry, Guinea 2006   23/08/2011 Guinea
Valorisation of jatropha-oil by-products Marieke Bruins, Dianika Lestari, Johan Sanders 2010   26/07/2011 Netherlands
Pellets are coming to Asia Pöyry management Consulting 2011 A strategic position paper 22/06/2011 Finland
Cooking oil press New Dawn engineering 2006 oil crusher from Swaziland 13/06/2011 Swaziland
The use of pure jatropha oil in stead of biodiesel Elsbett AG, james Scruby 2009 Commercial presentation 06/04/2011 Mozambique
Enhancing economic viability and sustainability of jatropha Biofuel production Using a Bio-refinary concept Harinder Makka 2009   06/04/2011 Germany
Jatropha oil as eco-friendly lubricant substituent Journal of applied sciences 2011 2011   15/02/2011 Malaysia
Mali's example in biofuel production New African January 2011 2011 news article 08/02/2011 Mali
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Thumba (Citrullus colocyntis) seed oil Amit Pal and others, Dehli 2010   18/11/2010 India
Development of a biofuel lamp and its comparison with a keroisene lamp N.Chakaraborty, S.C.Sarkar 2009   18/11/2010 India
Synthesis of biodiesel from oils of jatropha, karanja and Putranjiva to utilize in ricardo engine and its performance & emission measuerement B.B.Ghosh and others 2008   18/11/2010 India
Performance and emission analysis of Bio Diesel operated  C.1 engine Journal of engineering, computing and architecture 2007   18/11/2010 India
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Variation in Oil Composition of  Thevetia peruviana  Juss 'Yellow Oleander' Fruit Seeds  IBIYEMI 2002 Other oil crop, good to combine with Jatropha hedges 04/07/2010 Nigeria
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Material-Safety-Data-Sheet-Jatropha seed oil 2009. MSDS Diligent 2009 Jatropha MSDS sheet 16/04/2010 Netherlands
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